Content Management Systems by Linmar

You want a website but what good is a website without current information? Perhaps your website will need to be updated weekly or even (gasp!) daily.

In the past editing your website required calling or emailing your designer and waiting for them to have time to edit your site for you. That is no longer the case. Using innovative CMS (Content Managment System) such as Joomla! or WordPress we can create you a fully customized website that you edit yourself. Yes, you or anyone you allow will be able to edit your website from any computer with Internet access. No special programs, no extensive training needed. A basic web browser and the ability to use a program as simple as a word processor; and your site will be customer ready and continually updated with the newest content.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in fill out our no obligation Quote Request. Someone from Linmar will get back with you shortly.



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